Embraer 135BJ contract pilot

Benefits of an all Embraer Legacy 600/650 Pilot Group

Do you get Sushi at a Burger place?   Do you get your car painted at the same place you get tires?   We all know that anytime you have a one stop shop for anything, you won’t get the most efficient and proper service.   Have you ever tried to get product questions answered at a big box store?   Wondering what we mean by Benefits of an all Embraer Legacy 600/650 Pilot Group?


As in all things, efficiency is a key aspect.   The airline industry has already moved to this in many examples, such as Southwest only having B737’s,   and Other airlines, only using Boeing.


With all of our pilots specializing in Embraer Airplane Experience, Specifically the Embraer Legacy 650, and Embraer Legacy 600,   we also gain similar synergies.   Here are a few examples.


  • Detailed Aircraft Knowledge – Every pilots get’s trained in their airplane, but, how much knowledge is retained when that pilot is flying multiple types of airplanes.
    1. How many litres to refill the lav? Our EMB-600 Pilots know.
    2. How to program the Airshow, if it’s not working
  • Direct connection with the Aircraft manufacturer.
    1. We have direct ties with Embraer for service and support
  • When delivering an Embraer Legacy to a customer, our pilots not only know the aircraft operation, but, also have experience with the
  • Only one set of training materials and guidelines.
    1. No cross contamination of knowledge
    2. Constantly Retrain our Embraer Legacy 650 pilots on the 650
    3. Non generalized training, all is specific to the EMB-135BJ
  • Experience of the whole company, from DFO to newest employee if about the Embraer Legacy Aircraft
    1. Many operators operate too many types, so ideas, solutions, experience gets lost or missed.
  • Less Mistakes – As we all know, sometimes, mistakes are caused from lack of experience, or less foresight. Our whole team works on this aircraft type, we are focused on this type of airplane, and have learned to avoid the typical pitfalls – Specific to Embraer
    1. Every airplane has it’s nuances and issues – Our team has seen it all when it comes to Embraers
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